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I’m running because Western North Carolina deserves much better leadership than we've been getting. Mark Meadows represented this district before he left the post to go be Donald Trump’s chief of staff. Madison Cawthorn has used his position to promote dangerous extremism and build his brand of toxic politics in order to become a celebrity on the fringes of the far-right. Chuck Edwards represents more of the same, and is out of step with the values of our community. Now this is one of the most competitive districts in North Carolina and we have a huge opportunity to offer a new kind of leadership grounded in empathy, compassion and doing what’s right by our neighbors.

I consider it a privilege to represent this area as a county commissioner. My wife and I are raising our three kids here. I am deeply invested in the success of our region and I see firsthand the urgent needs of our communities everyday. And I’m running to show up and work every day to figure out ways to make things better for the people of WNC.


An organizer to my core, I’m building a campaign that will connect with voters in every corner of the district. That means knocking on doors of people who haven’t heard from a campaign in years, talking to folks who have disengaged from the political process because it seems like elected officials don’t care about their lives, and bringing new people into the process. Our campaign is based on the core values of love, hope, empathy and how we move forward together. 

In Congress, I will go to work every day focusing on delivering on early childhood education, responding to the opioid crisis, protecting family farms and expanding economic opportunity—and representing the people and values of WNC.



As a Buncombe County Commissioner, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the founding Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE), Jasmine Beach-Ferrara has overturned expectations and created positive change for her community.


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